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With free shipping offered on most domestic orders. Order Pickup is also available at our parts warehouse in Clinton Township MI.

Most of the parts we carry are brand new and all of our parts carry a 60-day warranty. Take advantage of government fleet upgrades and save on all of your commercial and consumer vehicle parts needs.

Government Transit Parts has the vehicle, truck, or equipment parts you need for less. 

About Us

Government Transit Surplus specializes in buying and selling new, reconditioned, and rebuilt auto and truck parts that were previously owned by a government agency. The vast majority of our vehicle parts are new however due to the changing needs of these branches of government they now consider these parts obsolete. An excellent example of this would be a local city buying a new fleet of buses, all the parts on hand from the old fleet of buses now become "obsolete." That's how we save you money, we buy hundreds and sometimes thousands of parts from municipalities all over the US and Canada at a discounted rate and pass those savings on to our customers. Not only are our parts substantially lower than retail they all carry a 60-day warranty.

Government Transit Surplus is an independent supplier and reseller of replacement parts for commercial and consumer vehicles and equipment. Government Transit Surplus is NOT a licensed or authorized seller affiliated with any of the original manufacturers whose parts it sells.  The company offers new, used, and refurbished surplus parts through its online marketplace.  Part numbers are strictly used for identification purposes only, and in no way indicates a part is an OEM part unless specifically identified as such.