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Auto Parts

If you're looking Truck, Car, or Equipment parts but retail prices seem high, you can save money by shopping Government Transit Surplus online. We have thousands of heavily discounted new, refurbished, and rebuilt car parts available.

When Government agencies and municipalities upgrade their Truck, Car, or Equipment, we buy their stock of now obsolete automotive parts and pass the savings on to you.

We've got belts, hoses, brakes, exhaust parts, bearings, gaskets, and just about everything else you might need to keep your Truck, Car, or Equipment working. We have over 30,000 different parts in stock ready to ship.

Why pay aftermarket prices for cheap imitations?  Get genuine OEM parts and get them at deeply discounted prices! Hard to find parts as well. The same parts as the dealers, but with unmatched savings  We will be your new home for discount auto parts delivered right to your home or shop!

Engine, transmission, suspension, interior, exterior trim, brakes, clutches, springs, and accessory parts. Hard to find items that may be discontinued or priced beyond what you’re willing to pay. Before you go to the dealer or scrap yard or search the internet for hours, check out our complete line of parts FIRST!


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